About Alchemy Additive

Alchemy Additive is an international chemical distribution company, headquartered in Istanbul,Turkey...

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Deep Experience, Fresh Outlook!

Alchemy Additive is an international chemical distribution company, headquartered in Istanbul,Turkey. As a committed partner to our customers and suppliers, we offer our customers the benefits of making an informed CHOICE from a vast network of suppliers, and simultaneously provide our suppliers with efficient ACCESS to a vast network of customers.

As a superior distributor, our philosophy is to supply technically advanced products of constantly high quality, always emanating from the same established sources. We offer a wide spectrum of polymer additives, especially Heat Stabilizers and Lubricants for PVC Pipes & Fittings, Drainage, Heliflex and Corrugated Agricultural Pipes, Technical Profiles, Window Profiles, Films & Sheets, Wires & Cables, Hygienic Artifacts, Hoses, Shoes & Boots, Transparent and Opaque Granules, and also a wide variety of other applications.

At Alchemy Additive, we not only provide value-added distribution services, but smart solutions as well. Our desire is to enhance your operation by helping you increase performance, improve quality, and fulfill customers’ designated business objectives. Therefore, our committed professional staff has founded AA’s reputation on outstanding technical and customer service. We’ll meet with you to discuss your chemical specifications, and make formula recommendations to provide novel solutions to each of our customer's needs.

As an organization, we will continue to invest in our infrastructure, expand our geographic reach, and develop partnerships that help meet our customer’s performance, cost and environmental needs. We are with you every step of the way to help you excel in today’s challenging markets.

Our Values

  • Creativity

    The ability to reinvent and propose new and versatile solutions
  • Trust

    Transparency, credibility and congruence. We walk our talk.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Be courageous and responsible for decision making. Be reliable.
  • Passion

    We have fun in what we do, to transmit the desire to achieve.
  • Team Spirit

    Togetherness with pride. We appreciate, respect and communicate.
  • Humility

    Be ready to listen and to consider the opinion of others.

Our Mission

To create innovative solutions that satisfy and exceed market expectations